A Functional Blood Chemistry Report




If you have a Comprehensive Lab report for blood work, receive the latest in Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis.

This easy-to-understand report provides useful information that you can use right away.  While your current lab work may indicate that you fall within the “normal” ranges, our report looks at your results from a functional wellness perspective and identifies patterns and healing opportunities for your optimal wellness.

You will provide us with your current lab and you will receive our comprehensive analysis that will include:

Test Ranges – individual blood chemistry markers, optimal ranges, and highlights the individual markers that are out of range

Patterns – Identifies potential body system dysfunction using a proprietary blood chemistry pattern recognition algorithms

Recommendations – Support protocols for your lifestyle and diet. This section also lists specific supplements to balance out of range markers and related follow-up testing that is recommended.

Typical labs reference ranges are not necessarily healthy ranges because they include ranges of unhealthy people.  Our report is providing you with ranges for optimal wellness. This means that you could have a “normal” result from your current lab and fall out of range in our report.  If you are working to achieve wellness, then this report is worth it!



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