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Where You Can Reclaim Your Hormone Health, Recognize and Support Thyroid Symptoms, Love Your Body, Lose Fat, and Step Into Your Everything Years With The Confidence, Wellness and Empowerment of a Queen! 

Discovering Your Best is a comprehensive functional practice, offering diagnostic testing, wellness programs, and transformational coaching (for lasting change). 

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, FDN, is a type of detective work that seeks to identify the underlying causes of symptoms. Using functional lab work, we identify healing opportunities and engage each client in a health building process. 

Have You Experienced This?

Things haven’t been the same lately. You don’t know what it is, but you’ve gained weight for no reason, you can easily slip into an anxious state, even when watching a movie.  

You toss and turn more at night and good sound sleep isn’t the same as it once was. You notice your hair isn’t as beautiful as you once took for granted.   

All the tests from your doctor are “normal” and you’re handed a prescription for anxiety and another for sleep.  Sex?  You’d rather have a glass of wine and these prescriptions aren’t helping!

Oh sure, you can still rock at work and you know all the answers.  You’ve worked hard to get where you are in life, you’ve paid your dues. You have the career you thought you wanted, you are financially secure. 

Your children are grown or are getting ready for college and life should be good, and it is, right?

Yet there is this thought that is quietly playing in your head It’s  among the million thoughts that seem to be jockeying to get your attention, and it whispers, “What About Me?”. 

Then there is that other thought, the one that’s more frightening, “Am I going crazy?”, you know, the thoughts you’re afraid to say!

You’re In The Right Place

Please know that while hot flashes, anxiety, sleep issues, weight gain, hair thinning, dry skin, digestive issues, and more are typical, they are not a normal part of aging. 

You may be dealing with one or more of these issues and then some.  Don’t let anyone leave you with a feeling that it’s “all in your head” or a “natural part of aging”.

At Discovering Your Best, we believe that there is “Wisdom of the Body”, and your experience is a beautiful way that your body is using to restore balance. 

When you balance your hormones, experience restorative sleep, reframe your beliefs on aging and health, regain your resilience to stress, you can reclaim your joy.  

Just as importantly you can step into your everything years with the grace and poise of a Queen; confident, sexy, grounded and gorgeous!  Today, you are the sum of your life’s experiences from the most joyous to the most painful and everything in between. These experiences are unique and there is something powerful in your story, and we want to hear it!  Each woman Steps Into Queen in her own remarkable way and our Transformational Coaching will be there as your guide. 

Tweet: “Women have extraordinary stories, and women over 50 have the hottest ones!” ~ Diana Wiggins

Discovering Your Best is a comprehensive functional practice, offering diagnostic testing, wellness programs, and transformational coaching.  We can work with you and your doctor to identify healing opportunities. 

Our clients come to honor their intuitive thoughts and feelings and learn not to run in fear from them.  They learn how to interpret the messages that anxiety, and fear bring.  

We are here to help you uncover the “root” cause, not mask your symptoms. If you’re like many professional women in her mid-life years, your biggest complaints as you age may include, low energy, being tired of trying every weight loss program, depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, mood swings, digestive problems, hormone imbalance, lackluster hair and nails, or low energy.  

You know that something needs to change, and you’ve tried, but nothing’s really working.

Our world now has over 84,000 chemicals and 1000’s more appear each year. We’ve become toxic from the ground that we walk on to the food we eat, and if the old addage, “You are what you eat”, is true then our bodies and thoughts have become toxic as well. 

There is good news.  It isn’t you!

We know that many of these conditions and feelings are connected to at least one of three reasons:  Your body’s efficiency at removing toxins, your hormones, or the health of your digestive tract.  

Here’s How It Works

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