“Diana, you were a fantastic coach yesterday! How masterfully you focused the coaching sequence on my present state..Pure Genius!! I am so grateful for all your insights. Can’t wait for more!”



“As a coach, Diana is a caring, knowledgeable advisor. She has both tremendous experience and great people skills.  She has my strongest positive recommendation.”

Dr. Colleen Murphy Feldman

Scottsdale, arizona

“I enjoy our sessions, but this week’s really hit home and opened my eyes to the fact of me wanting to hold on to the weight.  It really got me thinking.  I appreciate everything you are doing for me.”

Michael P.

Phoenix, Arizona

“Thanks for sharing all of this information! I love what you do! :)”



“These past six months of having the golden opportunity to learn from you have been like a dream, and I have greatly benefited!  I am forever grateful.  There are people who leave you feeling full of energy and inspired by spending time with you and there are those whose presence makes you feel physically drained.  Interacting with you, Diana, is like being infused with fresh air.  Your keen insight, combined with compassion and thoughtful investigation, have helped me to peel away layers to reveal my best self.  I step away from each discussion we have, charged with personalized information and invigorated with tools to help me improve the quality of my world.  You are a wealth of information and know how to apply it to what I need.  Thank you Diana for helping me to achieve my wellness goals and for making a difference in my life!”

D. S.  Silva


“I would place Diana at the top of the chart if I had to rater her, with a level of skill that I rarely see..any one would benefit from her expertise.  For those who know me, my standards are quite exacting so this is high praise indeed.”

Kay Carl, RN, BS, CIC Infection Preventionist

mesa, Arizona

“This program makes sense, happy to see it integrates into my daily schedule slowly, small changes daily makes this much easier to accept and to feel accomplishment! Thanks Diana!”



“I have to say that I am liking this program so far! I interact every day and it’s NOT like wham, here’s a bunch of changes and nutrition guidelines!.”

 M. Priznar