Work With Us To Restore Wellness

These are the moments we live for! Spending time with the people we love and living a life that is rich with joy!

Each morning when, Diana, our Master Coach and Founder, puts her feet on the floor, she says she is filled with gratitude!  If you know her story, you know that she faced a devastating diagnosis that nearly cost losing her life!  Diana fought her way to wellness, and in the process was able to watch all three of her daughters get married, and her family has grown to ten grandchildren. This is why she is driven to, and inspires her team to, help others reclaim their wellness and restore their joy!

We know everyone has their unique daily demands and that is why we offer a number of individualized approaches to meet you where you are!

We provide a complimentary telephone consultation for those who know what they need to do, but just need a bit of direction with a phone call. For the woman who wants to talk with us to see if we are a good fit, this call is for you as well.  Click on the button below to schedule a convenient time to speak directly with our Master Coach, Diana Wiggins.  

Extra Offerings

Grocery Tours –  We offer grocery tours for individuals and groups. If you want extra support identifying what is a green light or what is a red light food or household product, this is for you.  If you find yourself afraid to make changes in what you eat, then this is for you. If you want to do something different with your friends, family or your company, we offer fun filled group grocery tours too.  


Pantry and Kitchen Makeover/Cleanout – If you want a fresh start and don’t know where to begin in your kitchen, this is a helpful offering.  We provide pantry makeovers and walk you through what and how to stock your pantry. We also will do a kitchen review and visit your cookware, and more for what might be exposing you to unwanted chemicals.


Group Coaching and Programs – Some women prefer to have the support of friends or co-workers as they embark on their wellness experience. Get them together and we take care of the rest.