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Get Things Moving With Flax

Flax is one of the best seeds for getting things moving in the bowels. If you grind it into a powder in a coffee grinder and mix it with water, magic happens. It’s important to consume freshly ground flax because the oils are prone to quick oxidation meaning they...

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Sourdough bread- blood sugar and weight management

Oh this bread looks amazing, doesn't it?  I bet you are like I was and could be thinking it's a bad food, right? I understand that many people are encouraged to stop eating carbohydrates to lose weight or simply because they have been taught that carbs are bad for...

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Sleep Well

More than 20 years of research shows us that sleep is vitally important to physical and mental health.  What we now know is that there are serious risks that come with lack of sleep.  In animal and human studies, living without sleep for even a few months resulted in...

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Green Tea And Weight Loss

Drinking green tea increases the rate at which our bodies burn calories. That's great, especially if you are hoping to reduce your weight.  It also means that you can do the same level of activity but burn more calories through your day! In a study where people were...

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Knowing Your Estrogen Quotient Can Save Your Life!

As we leave October’s breast cancer awareness month, I want to share some of my story. Also provide you with some prevention information about your estrogen quotient, and give you a discount on a helpful lab. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer over 10 years ago. ...

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Simple Do Anywhere Workout

The "go to" exercise routine you can do anywhere. HINT: It's just 6 key moves. Are you finding it next to impossible to get to the gym due to a full schedule or travel?   This simple infographic can help stop the madness and get you back on track. Simple, do...

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Weight Loss Paradigm Shift

Here's a paradigm shift that will remove self judgement and condemnation. Our weight is a reflection of our world, here's a paradigm shift to change your world, and ultimately change your weight! Watch this video and comment below.

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