As we leave October’s breast cancer awareness month, I want to share some of my story. Also provide you with some prevention information about your estrogen quotient, and give you a discount on a helpful lab.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer over 10 years ago.  I didn’t know then, that there were different types of estrogen that can be cancer protective or catabolic! I didn’t know that there was an estrogen quotient! I didn’t know the estrogen quotient can indicate greater or lesser risk for estrogen sensitive cancer development. Knowing my EQ could have prevented all that I had to experience from a breast cancer diagnosis.

While I have spent the past 10 years gaining my various health certifications and digging deep into discovering healing opportunities, for myself and others, I wonder if I had the chance to step back in time, would I do anything different. I’m not certain, but as I step back in time and breath the knowledge and understanding that I have since gained, into my old self, I believe that I would find greater appreciation in knowing that I have some control over my health.

Please take a moment and breath in this important health protective information, and decide what you can do to take control over your health. Bear with me while I get a bit nerdy for a small paragraph….

Dr. Henry Lemon, an estrogen researcher, developed the Estrogen Quotient formula. He discovered that the greater amount of cancer protective E3 that is present in comparison to the growth promotion E1 and E2, the lower the risk of estrogen sensitive cancer development. It’s a simple formula: Total E3 divided by (Total E1 plus Total E2). If your EQ is below 1.0 the risk of breast cancer is higher than those whose EQ is above 1.0. The optimal ratio that is considered most protective is an EQ greater than 1.5.

A lab that I offer my clients, that in addition to much deeper information, provides you with the ability to calculate your own Estrogen Quotient is called the DUTCH lab.

If you would like to run the DUTCH (Dried Urine Total Complete Hormone) lab and receive a comprehensive 2 hour results and recommendation session, I am offering you $100 off until the end November.  You don’t need a coupon code, because the reduced pricing is already set.  Click HERE to read more about the lab test and see a sample report of the results.