While working out may not be appealing to every woman, you may consider incorporating it into your life to reap the benefits specific to women.

  1.  It’s a natural mood booster! It just makes you feel better.  This is so helpful for reducing the effects of stress on a woman, as we manage stress very differently than men. Endorphins sure help because this happy chemical gets released when we exercise at least 30 minutes per day!  While you may not be happy to exercise, you will be happy later!
  2.  There are certain health risks that are reduced with exercise.  To name a few, there is osteoporosis, and heart disease. As a breast cancer survivor myself, I know that this helps prevent the risks of estrogen dominant breast cancer. It has been proven to reduce future risk of dementia in older adults.
  3. Your sex life may improve!  If this is something that seems a bit lacking as of late, exercise can help you feel sexier, give you more confidence, and we all know how sexy confidence looks!
  4. Weight loss is an obvious benefit. There are many other benefits alone that come with this.
  5.  More and more research is showing that working out can reduce, or eliminate your need for anti-depressants. Now we don’t advocate that you stop taking them, but start moving and see if things can improve here!