It’s a fact that the nutrients and minerals are depleted in our topsoil, and our factory farmed foods are sprayed with pesticides. That combined with our digestive health, diets, genetics, prescription use and more, we can be left with depleted nutrients and/or minerals.

Many people will grab a bottle of generic vitamins while at the grocery store or the pharmacy or warehouse shopping, and I don’t recommend that. Save your money and don’t buy these!

I have found that many of these inexpensive off shelf supplements are often subpar. Why? Because they largely include synthetic nutrients or a version of a nutrient that has low bio-availability. What that means is that some require more biological steps to get the end vitamin that you require, and some people cannot perform those steps.  They may have chemical and/or allergenic additives, flavorings, trans fats, artificial color or stripped version of nutrients!!! If you have any doubt, I suggest that you read the ingredients and look them up.

This is why I like good top tier supplements to achieve the desired absorption results. Top tier supplements don’t use fillers, binders or coatings and offer a wide array of hypoallergenic options for maximum absorption. Top tier products are gluten free!

These top tier options will not be found in local stores, large scale vitamin shops, or large scale outlets, and as a result people often buy poor quality out of convenience and lack of information.

So where can you get them? Some local health food stores may carry them or holistic pharmacies may as well. Another, and likely, most convenient option is to order online.

So what companies are considered top tier? Well, there are quite a few, and while I like all of the top tier options for many varied reasons, I usually look to Pure Encapsulations for those people with allergies.

Other top tier are,  Thorne Research, Metagenics, Designs for Health, Integrative Therapeutics, Allergy Research, Life Extension. I have a long list so this is not all inclusive.

I also have a bottom of the barrel list too, and that is why I don’t just ask my clients what vitamins they are taking, but also what brands. Some even contain sawdust!

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