Do you think you have control over sugar?


Do you experience any of these?


  • Do you wake during the night and have difficulty falling back to sleep?

  • Do you think your hormones are out of balance or have hot flashes or night sweats?

  • Do you want something to eat immediately after a meal?

  • Is losing weight difficult, or feels impossible?

  • Do you need an afternoon snack or the vending machine is calling your name?

  • Do you have a nightly glass of wine? (Oh yeah, we’ve been there!)

If You Answered Yes, You Could Benefit From A Sugar Detox 

All This Can Give You Help and Support for FREE:

  • Access to our functional medicine/nutrition expertise

  • A foundational hormone assessment (qualitative not lab testing)

  • Access to natural supplements at deep discounts (optional – not required)

  • 5 Group Conference calls

  • Email news and updates

  • A private facebook group

  • A participant workbook

  • And so much more!

Why Do We Provide This For FREE?


Because we know that the first thing women need to balance their hormones, weight, and get on

the path to wellness is to get their sugar and carb cravings under control.


Constant highs and lows of blood sugar cause your cortisol hormone to be elevated (that’s the

stress hormone). When we have chronic elevated cortisol, our body diverts our sex hormones to

help us survive!


We need those sex hormones to stay vital, youthful, and balanced. Blood Sugar balancing is Pillar I

on the road to wellness. 


This program is designed for women in their everything years who wants to be the Queen of

their lives, not ruled by sugar! Live with Empowerment, Radiance, Wellness

and Vitality!  But HURRY, We Start MAY 11th!


To participate in this innovative and transformational program with a group of supportive women

who, like you, want to reclaim their hormones and wellness, simply invest in yourself for $67 by

purchasing Diane Sanfillipo’s 21 Day Sugar Detox program.  


We recommend the Basic package, which contains continually updated supplemental guides,

21DSD eCookbooks, meal plans, a private, members-only forum, and more.


 Click here to order now.  Some of our clients find it helpful to have a hard copy 21-Day Sugar

Detox Program book and/or the 21-Day Sugar Detox Recipe book.


To get the physical books, simply upgrade to the Plus or Premium package on the same site of the

21 DSD by  Clicking here to order now. That’s your choice, you only need the basic option to

participate with us. 


Once you have purchased your program, simply email us your receipt

(info@DiscoveringYourBest.com) and you are in!


Also you can participate again in any of our free 21 DSD group coaching programs for the

next 24 months.  That means if you want to go through the program again in the future,

you can.


How sweet is that?