Foundational Genetic Package


Discover The Limitless Possibilities Encoded In Your DNA!

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With your purchase of Your Foundational Genetic Package, you receive a genetic test kit, an in-depth 3-panel report with your Nutrition, Supplement and Sleep Genetics (45 pages), 1- 90 minute call with your Epigenetic Coach. Plus two 30 minute coaching calls with your epigenetic coach, and 15% Discount on Professional Grade Supplements.

  • You will receive your test kit in the mail. Your test kit will already be registered, so you can disregard the registration part that is on your kit! (We’ve got you covered)
  • Upon receipt of your kit, you will only need to follow the collection instructions, take a picture of your code, and mail in. It’s that simple!
  • You will be notified when your raw data is complete, but if you ever want to check on it, you can email us at
  • Once you receive your results notification, you will receive an email (within 2 business days) from your Epigenetic Coach to schedule your results 90 minute call.
  • It will take 5-7 business days to receive your test kit in the mail
  • Complete your sample and mail within 2 business days (Do Not Re-register)
  • It can take up to 30 business days to receive notification of your result, so write down the date that you mail it
  • Epigenetics is the science of how your genes interact with the environment. It’s where nature and nurture merge to create the on-going expression of you.
  • Your data is NEVER shared or sold

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