When you think of grandmother, what comes to mind for you?  The memories that I hold dear of my grandmother are of a woman with grey hair, glasses, old dated clothes and a limp. I wonder how old she was in that picutre in my minds eye.  I wonder if she was my age now.

Clearly things are different today.  I was a grandmother at 40 and now my oldest grandchild is 17 and a half. (I had to add the half for her benefit)

This is my husband, Bob and I taken a month ago. We are the grandparents of eight with two on the way.

In addition to health, much of our work with women involves the  process of stepping into Queen. We are no longer maidens, or princesses, but now, Queens. We are regal, poised, experienced and lived through some of the hardest things that a life can endure.  We are strong, empowered, and wise.  We no longer look like the crones of yesteryear.  We are paving the way for our daughters and granddaughters and they will reap the many benefits of our hard and enduring work into a new archetype.

Grandma is no longer thought of as elderly, but is attractive, vivacious, energetic and more. I am called Gigi by my grandchildren.  My friend is called Grangie by her grandchildren. We are reinventing what grandmothers do and who they are and even creating fascinating monikers.

If you are a grandmother, what do your grandchildren call you? If you are not, what would you like to be called as a grandmother?